As is so common at Darchei, my son stayed close to his Rebbi for many years after moving on from his class. This Rebbi was invited to and attended my son’s Bar Mitzva. Recalling that my son, even as a second grader, loved reading the weekly Jewish newspapers, he devised a novel and much-cherished Bar Mitzva gift. Rabbi Bender called me a week or two after the celebration and urged me to purchase that week’s edition of a Torah-true newspaper and surreptitiously present it to my son.

I can’t describe the surprise and thrill evident on his face when my son saw a photo of his class with their second grade Rebbi at the dais at his Bar Mitzva.

That’s a Darchei Rebbi.

This past Shabbos, a boy in my son Yochanan’s class was making a Bar Mitzva in Far Rockaway. We live in Inwood, so my son made plans to stay at a host in Far Rockaway with his classmates. Unfortunately, at the last minute, the plans were suddenly canceled and he had no way to attend the Shalosh Seudos with the rest of his class.

Then the most amazing thing happened: At 4:00 pm, on this cold and rainy Shabbos afternoon, there was a knock at the door. Rabbi Spiegel was here, to pick up Yochanan. He had walked in from Far Rockaway to our home in Inwood, to pick up Yochanan, because he felt bad Yochanan couldn't join the rest of his class at the Simcha.

Rabbi Spiegel is the kind of Rebbi my son is zoche to have at Yeshiva Darchei Torah.

That’s a Darchei Rebbi.

Here’s a little snapshot that truly depicts the chinuch of a Darchei Talmid: A few weeks ago at an aufruf in our shul, after the pekelach were thrown, all the boys were “tumelling” about something, and they weren’t leaving the area behind the bimah. I was curious so I listened in... They were saying to each other, “Did you get one?” “Did you get one?” “Nobody should open their pekalach until we make sure everyone has one!!” Then one kid said, “I think that boy didn’t get one yet!” At that moment, they all trooped over to the boy and gave him a Pekel. “Now does everyone have one?” “Yes!!!” They all chimed. “Ok, now we can open them up and eat them!”

Talk about the Darchei Way!!

That’s a Darchei Talmid.

A few months ago, I took my son Dovi to an avos ubanim program at which Harav Aryeh Malkiel Kotler, shlita, would be speaking to the boys. A few weeks later, in yeshiva, Rabbi Hildeshaim, who had not been at the program that night, presented Dovi with a gift-wrapped object. Inside was a framed picture of the two of us with the Rosh Yeshiva. It turned out that the professional photographer who had taken pictures at the program just happens to be a brother-in-law of Rabbi Hildeshaim’s. As the Rebbi was flipping through some of the photos, he saw this one, and decided to do something “above and beyond” for his talmid. Dovi cherishes this picture.

That's a Darchei Rebbi.

A few weeks into the current school year, we received a call from Rabbi Weiss, who wanted to see how our son was doing in the 6th grade.  What is amazing about this story is that Rabbi Weiss was our son’s Rebbi - not last year but two years ago - and yet our son’s well-being was still on his mind. 

That level of dedication is unparalleled and we are truly grateful for the wonderful Rebbeim our sons have been fortunate to have at Darchei over the years.

That's a Darchei Rebbi.
What is amazing about this story is that Rabbi Weiss was our son’s Rebbi - not last year but two years ago.